Sports Training For Tall Women- Real Struggles Of Tall Women

Having long legs is God’s gift. However, often, tall women find themselves in serious dilemmas. Their height attracts attention wherever they go most of the time, and it’s not the kind of attention they would like. When it comes to fitness and gym, sports training for tall women is nothing less than a hassle.

Because of the envious height they have, their posture and lower back strength become weaker. Since major machinery and equipment in the gym are focused on average (5″5′ to 6″0′) height women, it is next to impossible for a tall (above 6″0′) woman to workout properly.

Not working out is not an option. Here are five things you can do to avoid any problems at the gym and workout with ease.

Adjustable Machines- No, No, No!

If you don’t feel comfortable with adjustable machines, then avoid them. Go for free weights instead. Also, you can use cardio machines that do not have handles. As a tall woman, you might not be able to fit in most of the machines, and that’s fine. You can do a lot better, even without machinery.

Learn Alignment Lessons

Since your long posture lacks alignment abilities, before beginning your workout journey, learn some alignment lessons. Yoga and pilates will help you realign your posture. It will also make your body more agile and mobile. Yoga and pilates both can help you in getting full control of your body, improve posture, and enhance core strength.


Barre is a mixed hybrid workout program. It is largely inspired by ballet and involves elements of yoga, dance, and pilates too. In these sessions, the focus is on improving the body posture and strengthening of core muscles. All of it is done without stressing too much on the body. Small range movements are used to enhance mobility and agility.

Use Smaller Yet Effective Tools

The foam roller is one such tool that is very simple yet effective. You can buy it from online or offline stores and use them more often. The tool aims to relieve pain. It moves and relaxes the muscles, loosens the knots, and releases the stiffness of the muscles. There are plenty of exercises you can do with a foam roller. You can either ask your trainer to help you with it or google it yourself.

Plank Is The Answer

Do planks once or twice a day. Planking can help you relax your muscles after sitting for hours. Planks are easy to do, and very quickly, you can make yourself stress-free. You can do it anywhere, for instance, in the morning before heading to the shower, in your office during lunch or in the evening when you reach home.


Tall women feel discouraged when their gym experiences are not what they might expect. The struggle is real. However, this does not mean sports training for tall women is impossible. Every sport and fitness is for you. Try staying fit with dancing, powerlifting, and meditation.

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