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Muscle & Fitness Magazine is an indispensable partner to serious weightlifters and bodybuilders. It’s dedicated to giving cutting-edge training tips, protein information and nutrient information to those seeking to build muscle rapidly. Muscle & Fitness Magazine is your training partner.

Muscle & Fitness Issues

Muscle & Fitness issues each have a rating system that lets you know what the magazine’s best selling products are. At my weight-loss center, we have over 100 different supplements. We use Nutrition Plus from Weight Watchers and Acai berry products from Florida-based company Usana. When I order them, I order the minimum of a twelve-month subscription plus a one-time shipping and handling charge. I pay exactly how much I have spent on the supplements for twelve months, because I cancel the subscription at the end of the year and the customer service representative doesn’t offer a refund.

You see, Nutrition Plus won’t ship outside the United States, because it contains gluten. (I had to write this article five hours ago, since a recall was released 9 hours ago.) (You’ll note that I don’t mention specific brands or ingredients here.) That’s the truth, anyway.

Now, if I were writing a muscle building article about “building muscle mass,” then I would certainly use words like whey, casein, or Ener Juicer. But, since I’m not trying to sell anything, those words wouldn’t apply. Instead, I would suggest that a writer write the following sentence: “If a man eats six smaller meals per day, he will burn more calories during the day.” That sentence conveys much more information than could ever be conveyed with a couple of dozen words.

Benefits Of Fitness Magazines

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There are a lot of good things in this muscle and fitness magazine subscription. And, I’m not trying to say that there aren’t any bad things, either. For example, I don’t know anyone who goes twice a month and consistently works out. However, for the most part, the good stuff is always more informative, while the “ugly” information is often only useful for providing food for thought.

The biggest thing that separates this magazine from the rest is its dedication to quality, instead of quantity. Articles are written based on scientific research, rather than on hearsay or “gut feelings.” You’ll learn that one study confirms that more protein helps build muscle than does carbs. Therefore, instead of just recommending protein, they give you the details.

Dedicated Solely For Working Out

Another feature that separates this magazine from the rest is that it has a dedicated segment solely for working out. I’ve done a few minutes each day on the treadmill. I know that most people do, since so many people use the gym for all of their exercise, but these fitness articles have given me a great way to keep in shape. They are so detailed, that you can almost imagine yourself working out. The muscle-building section has articles on the best protein for muscle building, what foods to eat after a workout, and so much more. In fact, if you only read Muscle and Fitness magazine for this stuff, you’d be in for hours!

Last Words

If you’re looking for a good muscle and fitness book, then you should definitely consider trying Muscle and Fitness. It’s certainly not the best fitness book around, nor is it meant to be. But, if you want a comprehensive workout plan, then this is it. I used to read Muscle and Fitness for years, and I used to hate going to the gym. It was too expensive, and I didn’t have time. But, now I’m in my mid-thirties and love going to the gym.

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