Chest Workout: It’s Time To Boost Your Confidence

Chest Workout: It's Time To Boost Your Confidence

Chest exercises are essential for women to boost up the overall confidence. These exercises increase upper body strength. Moreover, they will make your breasts large, and you no longer have to depend on uncomfortable push-up bras. It sounds beneficial. So, let’s go ahead and discuss some of the chest exercises you can add to your daily workout routine.

Chest Workout: It's Time To Boost Your Confidence
Chest Workout: It’s Time To Boost Your Confidence

Camel Pose

The camel pose stretches the entire area and reduces back pain to a great extent. This exercise will strengthen the shoulders and the back, thereby leading to improved posture. Moreover, digestion will also improve as it expands the abdominal region. Follow these steps to do the camel pose:

  • Sit down on your knees.
  • Slowly bend backward and hold your heels with both of your hands and try to focus on the wall right beside you
  • Hold the pose for 30 seconds.

Wide Push-Ups

Wide push-ups are slightly different than the regular push-ups as more emphasis is given to the upper region.  As your arms are wider, the upper body experiences the force that results in the strengthening of upper body muscles.

  • Get into the regular push up position.
  • Spread your arms wider than the shoulder width.
  • Press yourself down by bending your elbows and get back up slowly.
  • Then, push yourself back to the starting position.

Push yourself until your body allows. There is no specific number you need to push yourself a little harder than you did the last time. It is generally difficult for beginners, but you will learn as you go ahead. The result is worth the pain, so keep going. 

Dumbbell Cross Punch

Dumbbell punches strengthen and focus on your upper body. This is an amazing and easy exercise to tone your upper body. Here is how you can perform it. You need a pair of dumbbells, which are 3 to 5 pounds each.

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and hold the dumbbells in both the hands.
  • Bend both your knees a little.
  • Punch your right hand diagonally across your body to the left and then repeat the same with the left hand.
  • Allow your torso to move but keep your lower body still while performing the exercise.


Some variation in a normal plank can activate those chest muscles. This exercise will not only focus on your upper body but your lower back as well.

  • Start with a high plank position with your hands under your shoulders.
  • Keep your core tight and gently move the right hand and leg to the side and return back. Repeat the same on the other side.
  • While doing this, divert your entire focus on the chest.
Chest Workout: It's Time To Boost Your Confidence
Chest Workout: It’s Time To Boost Your Confidence

These were some easy to perform exercises you can include in chest workout for women. Regularly performing them will give amazing results. It’s the right time to get started and get rid of the bad posture that strongly affects your confidence. Moreover, you will notice larger and firm breasts in a few weeks. Do not miss out and start now.

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