Best Workout Routine For Women

best workout routine for women

To remain healthy, it is extremely important to stay fit and active and a workout is the best way to keep oneself healthy and fit. Whether women are fitness freaks or not, or whether they are involved in their daily activities only, it is always useful for them to work out. The best workout routine for women is to take care of their diet and exercise regularly. Based on their current weight and their coveted weight or other basic information, workout routines should be made. So it always varies from one person to another. 

However, few women can’t make it to the gym or jog. But they no need to worry. They can do workouts at home as well. The best workout routine for women can aid them to lead a very healthy and longer life. All they need is just to give 30-40 minutes for their workout. In this blog, we will discuss some exercises that they can do at home.

Warming Up

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Before you start doing any workout, it is extremely important to warm up properly. A warm-up can help to flex your body and it will help to increase your body temperature so it’ll be a little easier for you to follow your workout routine. You can do 1 minute of knee lift and heel digs, hip rotation as a warm-up.

Squats And Push-Up

To tone the thighs, hips, and butts; squats are the most effective exercise they can do. Squats have variations in it and they need to start from the basics if they are beginners.

If they want to strengthen their thighs and abdominal muscles, the push-up can be best suited for them. It is beneficial to the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Doing 2 to 3 sets with 8-10 repetitions is needed.


Plank is very useful for the whole body, especially the abdominal part. They can do side planks as well. Sets of  2-3 of 30 seconds are needed.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping jacks are important to give you stamina and increase blood flow. They can do it in their warm-up session as well. One or two minutes of jumping jacks can loosen the muscles and provide more flow of oxygen to the muscles.

Hip Rotation And Crunches:

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Hip rotation and crunches are the workouts that can strengthen the hip muscles, make the abs strong and flexible the body.

Hands In And Out Breathing:

This exercise is useful for irregular periods, menstrual disorders, and asthma. 

Bridge Posture And Single Leg Stand:

A single-leg stand workout can improve the leg muscles and also can improve concentration and helps one to fight anxiety and depression. 

Bridge posture exercise can get one rid of back pain and aid one to fight hypertension.

Aforesaid exercises can be the best workout routine for women. Doing 2 to 3 sets of all these exercises regularly will aid them to lead a good lifestyle.


Exercises which can keep women healthy and fit are necessary. It is never too late to start doing a workout. Workout can not only help women to give relief from physical stress but help in releasing mental stress as well.

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